2 February 2026


South Africa.
‘Our lives are BETTER and better each year,’ so say the Citizens, and the data agrees!

The Citizens’ Representative Council is delighted to announce that together we have done it again! With proper Leadership, and with Citizens’ participation, what seemed impossible we are doing.

We have indeed come a long way since the messy time leading up to 2021!

Five areas have been central to South Africa’s recovery and progress over the past five years… 

  1. Proper leadership and participation across all levels of society, government and business,
  2. An effective economic plan that has boosted GDP growth to 3.9% in 2025 and,
    absorbed 3
    million more South Africans into employment,
  3. A modern future-oriented national education system that is preparing all our children for the 21st Century,
  4. A zero-tolerance criminal justice system that has reduced all crimes,
    including violent crime such as murders that have decreased by 35.5% (7,481) since 2019, and
  5. A currency stabilization policy that has seen the rand strengthen to a 2025 average of R11.44 / USA$ (62% better than 2021).

The Council Chair also cautioned, however. “So far so good. But there is still more to do. The many bitter years take time and relentless effort to sweeten.
We still have much to do, many things to fix and achieve.”

South Africa 2021

Life in South Africa in 2021 is not what it could, or should be.

If we are to enjoy what the above headline suggests in 2026 there is a lot of work to be done!

Currently, every element of our lives is negatively affected by:

  • crime and corruption,
  • crumbling infrastructure,
  • a culture of incompetence,
  • power outages, water and waste pollution,
  • non-existent or disgraceful government services,
  • a revolution-making unemployment level, a rotting currency,
  • mounting government debt that must be paid by the next generations,
  • a relative economic growth rate that has declined by 31% in the past 30 years, and
  • citizens’ indifference! Our indifference is perhaps worse than all the other factors because it enables these things to happen.

The list of South Africa’s failures and pitiful conditions is endless…
(Refer this page for more detail regarding a failed state: ‘South Africa – a Failing State?‘)

It need not be this way. It can be better. It must be better.

The only strategic solution to the mess we’re in is proper leadership, starting with you and me.

Other efforts are merely rearranging the deckchairs as ship South Africa heads for the iceberg of a failed state.

Harry S. Truman (the 33rd president of the USA) offers an elegant summation of the positive power of leadership to affect change for the better.

[Individuals – people like you and me] make history and not the other way around.
In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still.
Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize
the opportunity to change things for the better.

The hopeSA Fund is an opportunity for you to lead, and to make a difference for the better.

Your invitation to “be the difference” can be found below.

Dear Fellow Citizen,

Your invitation to lead by investing in the hopeSA Fund

How would you like South Africa to be in 2026? Better, safer, more prosperous, successful, hopeful?

What is the chance that our lives will be any better if there is no fundamental change to how things are done in South Africa? ZERO!

A better South Africa is possible. It is in our hands, every single South African first. So, what should we do to ensure we have a successful South Africa?

I write this to you as a South African who has chosen to bring about a hopeful, successful and better South Africa. All of us want to live in a successful country; to be safe and secure in our homes and streets; to have decent jobs; to build world-class businesses; to have responsible and incorruptible governance, and be able to fulfil our aspirations, no matter our age, gender, race or socio-economic sphere.

I set up Karoo six years ago as the platform to develop influential Leadership, whose aim is to activate influential Leaders in every nook and cranny of South Africa. It is only with proper leadership in every home, team, business, and government that South Africa will be the country we hope for.

I am inviting you to help Karoo design, build and deploy the Alpha Program for teens, through a crowd-funding program.

To date, I have personally funded the development work for Karoo’s Leadership programs. I am now reaching out to other South Africans, and global citizens, to help fast track the Alpha Program through the hopeSA Fund.

The Alpha Program is a teens-focussed (13 to 19-year olds) on-line influential Leadership Activation Program. Teenagers are graced with two unique conditions. Firstly, they inherit what the previous generations have done (or not). Secondly, they eventually have their opportunity to make things better (or not). They need the proper skills to achieve success, which are more than accounting, math, sports, and technology. Without leadership skills there will be no better South Africa.

If you care about the success of South Africa this is your opportunity to lead by investing in a better future through the hopeSA Fund.

I leave you with two thoughts on the matter. Firstly, if you and I do nothing, who will? If we do not do it now, when will we?

Secondly, here is a truth from Winston Churchill, a master of hope in difficult times, “It’s no use saying, ‘We are doing our best. ’You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.’”

Should you have any questions, comments, or advice; they are welcome.

Colin Donian

the hopeSA Fund for a BETTER South Africa

– the crowd-funding process –
step 1

Click the hopeSA Fund button below to
view the contribution options, and next steps.

The only way to lead people is to show them a future:
a leader is a dealer in HOPE.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Thank You!

Karoo’s work is largely in the realm of social activism – services and solutions that benefit individuals firstly, but that also have spill-over benefits for society in general.

While the first-line beneficiary of the hopeSA Fund is the Alpha Program, the ultimate beneficiary is every South African, and thus South Africa in general. The Alpha Program is a typical iLP solution that not only provides influential Leadership capability to individuals (Teens in this instance), but in due course these maturing leadership activists will have an impact throughout society. This is why we need to sow the seeds now for a better SA in future. It cannot be left in the hands of the current misleaders.

So, to those who grasp that a BETTER South Africa is in the hands of each of us, and who choose to contribute to the hopeSA Fund through their advice, comments, encouragement, funding, and referrals –


To those sitting on the sidelines, I say: it does not have to be the hopeSA Fund or the work of Karoo that you support, there are other ways to make a positive contribution – just ensure that you are not rearranging deckchairs.

To the naysayers; you are our best reason to keep going. Those who are crafting solutions and opportunities for a BETTER South Africa are doing it for everyone, even those who don’t care, or are busy making their lives comfortable at the expense of fellow citizens.

What to Do: a Better South Africa

The most frequent question that I receive from fellow South Africans (usually in the form of a statement) is the following:

“What can I do, as an individual, to change the way my country is?”

Many people feel they are powerless to do anything, and I emphasise the DO.

Almost everyone acknowledges that we have systemic problems at all levels – economic, political and social – and that the current trend is downwards. Citizens spend their energy complaining endlessly about the problems; over social media, in their homes, at dinner tables, around the braai, in the shabeens…

Individuals feel powerless.

This does not imply that people of all walks of life do not have ideas about how to remedy our decline.

However, what influential Leadership is primarily interested in are solutions that suggest what we can DO.

Let us put our energy into finding the ideas, and then translating them into things we can do, as individuals, as families, communities, teams, schools, businesses.

You are invited to offer your ideas, suggestions and ‘do-ables’ to make South Africa a Better Place for all of us.

Go to the deBate it page or directly here (My Do-ables for a Better SA) and get cracking. This is your opportunity to take SA forwards.

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