influential LEADERSHIP is –

the profession, practice, and advocacy of influential Leading, which is a particular system of leadership that a person (Leader) applies to affect change for their better and for others.

Influential Leadership is a system of how to lead.

Influential Leading is the systematic practice of influential Leadership.  It is –

what a person does when they practice (apply) the influential Leadership system.

An influential Leader is a person who uses the influential Leadership system to lead.  Such a –

person practices (applies) the system of influential Leadership to affect change for their better and others, and advances (promotes) the system (of influential Leadership).

A person becomes an influential Leader BECAUSE they apply the system
(not because of their designation, office, personality, or title).

The following illustrations offer a sense of how the prices relate to each other in their various formations.
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The profession, practice and advocacy (promotion) of iLeading, it is –

a system of how to lead


What a person does when they use (apply, practice, live out) the system of iLeadership to affect change – for their better and for others, and to advance (promote) the system of iLeadership, it is –

the systematic doing (practice) of iLeadership.


A person that affects change for their better and for others, and advances the system of iLeadership, it is –

a person that applies (practices) the system of iLeadership in their leading

What is influential Leadership?

The Karoo is a Place

The Karoo is an elongated semi-desert area in the southwestern part of South Africa, made up of two zones. 

The ‘Klein’ (small) Karoo lies towards the coastal plateau, while the ‘Groot’ (great) Karoo lies inland on the northern side of a mountain range.
The Karoo covers almost one-third (395,000 square km) of South Africa, which is similar in size to Vietnam or 163% larger than the United Kingdom.

The Karoo derives its name from the original people who lived in these parts, the Khoi.
They aptly referred to the area as, Garo, a hard, dry, thirsty land.

The Karoo is represented in Karoo’s logo by the semi-desert colours – shales, browns and olive green – the orange sun, the windpump vanes and the ever-watchful Meerkat.
These are complimented by the original National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) font.

The Karoo [the place] represents much that is the embodiment of influential Leadership:

It is a challenging place – to survive and thrive requires self-awareness, courage, discipline, foresight,
hopefulness, purposefulness, resourcefulness and respect

A little goes a long way

It may seem lifeless, until you pay attention to the detail

There are no entitlements here – just responsibilities

NASA of course, speaks to pushing boundaries,
making the impossible possible, and
going first!

At first encounter the Karoo may seem arid, desolate and unforgiving,
but to those who know it, it is a land of secret beauty
and infinite variety.

Eve Palmer

A note from Colin, Founder and CEO

There is a proverb that states:

Everything I’ve done until now, has led me to here!

Such a notion is perhaps the best way to describe my personal journey to conceive, design, write-up and
share influential Leadership.

Time and space have developed my sense of curiosity, a restless mind and body, and an irreverence for the orthodox and the establishment.  There have been formal and informal studies in various places, the consumption and experiences of books and ideas, the light and shadows from a variety of workplaces, the accumulation of an assortment of skillsets, fantastical travel-experiences, and the influence of the good, the bad and the ugly of humanity. 

All these currents of life have brought me to here – a real-world leadership practice and profession, fit for the 21st Century.

Influential Leadership is a product of a personal journey – it is tangible, practical, and characterful, while also founded on integrity.

I do not share what I am unwilling to do first…

Whatever you decide to do - right now, this moment - will have consequences for you, and for others - for better, or not.
Influential Leadership provides you with the skills to be a leader, to make smart decisions, for yourself, and others, over and over and over…

It will be grand to have you on board!