Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.


The Alpha Program

The Alpha Program is Karoo’s teen focused (13 to 19-year olds) on-line influential Leadership Activation Program.

Teenagers are graced with many unique conditions, but these two pertain:

  • Firstly, they inherit what the previous generations have done (or not). This is the ‘luck’ part of life –
    the fortune or misfortune that the universe gifts each person when they are born. 
  • Secondly, in the fullness of time they have their opportunity to make things better (or not). Here we have the ‘choice’ part of life –
    what we do with the ‘cards’ that the universe has given us.

Teens, those starting off on their journey need proper skills to achieve their successes, which are more than what we get in schooling, whether it be accounting, math, sports, or technology.

It is only with Leadership skills there will be better homes,
teams, work-places, businesses, government, South Africa and beyond.

Whoever neglects
learning in youth,

loses their past and
is dead to the future.

Euripides | edit

Influential Leadership is what influential leaders do.

Leadership is a skill set, like riding a mountain bike, or dancing, or playing the piano, football or rugby. Leadership does not come wrapped in a name, or a position, or in a title – or, through being educated or knowledgeable in some field.

Leadership is a skill that requires, firstly, a body of knowledge that enjoys a philosophy, and a set of guiding principles and attributes. Secondly, like every skill, leadership knowledge is realised (made real) as a skill through practice, practice and more practice.

So, while education, learning and knowledge in every discipline can be useful either for its own sake or improving our lives, they are not necessarily beneficial without the orchestration and direction given by leadership.

Leadership – the thing that you or I do that makes us a leader – does not require ‘an education’, or to be smart at math or engineering or illustration, or to be physically strong, or the most popular person, or any other social construct. So, while all these other forms of learning and education are mostly useful and meritorious, they are neither necessary nor essential to being a skilled influential Leader.

Leadership is a unique skill that is unrelated and independent of a person’s age, gender, nationality, or race; their educational level, socio-economic sphere, title, job or position.

Influential Leadership is (influential Leaders are) as scarce as Astatine.*

Every influential Leadership Activation Program (iLAP) equips each activist with the necessary
leadership foundations (‘tools’) to go out into their world –
their homes,
communities, teams, schools, places of work, businesses,
departments, government entities, and the like,
to be influential Leaders through

PRACTICING influential Leadership.

Influential Leadership is not a certificate that is hung on a wall and then forgotten about;
that is not what activism is.
Our legacy is the future we create.

The ability to do something competently,
especially because it has been practiced.
To use knowledge effectively and readily perform.
A developed aptitude or ability.
A person who uses and supports strong actions to make changes.
A person who believes strongly in change and takes part
in activities to make this happen.

* Astatine (At).
I bet you have never heard of it!
I did not either until I asked my search engine
for the ‘scarcest resources on Earth’.
It gave me ‘influential Leaders’ and ‘Astatine’!
Astatine has the atomic number 85.

It is very rare.
Read more about it here.
Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Alpha Program Brochureware

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