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Time to Choose

If you could time travel, say 10, 20 and even 30 years ahead – and then look back at your life, what would you see?

Would you smile with satisfaction at seeing your life being fully lived?

Would your heart feel warm when you recognise the moments at which you made strategic choices to influence and shape your life, and others’ lives for the better?

If you string all of your choices together, you will find your life laid out – almost from start to end.

While we do not choose our parents, or the conditions we are born into, once we arrive, it is our business to make choices that matter.

Each of us has personal agency, which is the capability to think for ourselves and to choose to act in ways that influence and shape our lives, and others’ lives.

It is when we move beyond our own lives, when we take other people with us, that we are leaders.

Being a leader is a choice.

If you are reading these words, you have already made the choice to learn influential leadership through the Alpha Programme. That is an essential and productive choice.

Great start. Well done. Keep going.

Now that you have made a smart choice, where to?

The great Greek inventor and mathematician, Archimedes, tells us, rightfully, that with a lever long enough we can move the world.

So, with influential leadership in your grasp, you will have the lever to influence and shape your world.

It is your time. Go first!