A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing
that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus
emerge stronger. You don’t have that idea when you
are arrogant, superficial, and uninformed.

Nelson Mandela

Bring your considered ideas, opinions, views and solutions to deBate.it

The primary objective of deBate.it is to solicit considered, informed and thoughtful solutions that make South Africa and the world better for more people.

The focus of the debates must be leadership across all our social domains.

The dialogue must be constructive, offering and testing solutions for our lives, homes, work-places, teams, businesses, governments and country. A deBate.it is not chat-chat, it is not a sound bite, it is not thoughtless banter, or posturing.

Karoo subscribes to the following fundamental principles regarding the right and responsibilities to freedom of expression, and using the deBate.it platform:

  • A representative and responsive democracy (whether in the home, relationships, teams, business, or country) is best suited to a free people that are able to exercise influential Leadership;
  • An open society that includes almost absolute freedom of expression is democracy at work. While there are degrees of freedom of expression, Karoo avers that more is usually better than less; and
  • It is a healthy environment when questions, differences, views, problems and solutions are put to the test through debate, reason, logic, empathy, and an evolved sense of personal responsibility. Maximum freedom comes with associated high levels of personal responsibility.

For people and institutions that appose this approach, I say that freedom to think, and to express considered views are hardly detrimental to the aspirations of people for a better and more meaningful life. On the contrary, the world is replete with many examples where repression holds people back from the better life they seek.

There need to be very persuasive reasons for any form of freedom to be constrained; the starting point should always be more rather than less.

to deBate.it is to –

  • offer fact-based views
  • listen carefully to other views
  • be open minded
  • question
  • be thoughtful
  • be respectful
  • argue the content
  • let the facts win
  • be bold
  • be better informed

Productive, truth-seeking debate requires unencumbered information, the the contestation
of ideas and opinions, many forms of diversity, critical thinking and
the capacity to both influence and be influenced.

While each circumstance may be surrounded by many possibilities,
getting close to its truth is improbable if the varieties of
prospects are not examined through
open and vigorous debate.

debate.it encourages opinions, ideas. questions and solutions that develop
influential Leadership, encourage constructive competition, and extol
excellence that result in the betterment of people’s lives.

If my mind is blind, a debate is impossible.

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  • While formal ‘rules’ govern the deBate.it platform, it is firstly members who should take responsibility for their contributions.

the deBate.it fora

There are three (3) layers in the deBate.it structure –

(1) A Forum is the main subject heading or theme for a debate, created by the Administrator.
(2) A Topic is an opinion piece made as a Post under the main heading (Forum).
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    • My Do-ables for a Better SA
      The most frequent question that I receive from fellow South Africans (usually in the form of a statement) is the following:

      "What can I do, as an individual, to change the way my country is?"

      Many people feel they are powerless to do anything, and I emphasise the DO. Almost everyone acknowledges that we have systemic problems at all levels - economic, political and social - and that the current trend is downwards. Citizens spend their energy complaining endlessly about the problems; over social media, in their homes, at dinner tables, around the braai, in the shabeens... Individuals feel powerless. This does not imply that people of all walks of life do not have ideas about how to remedy our decline. However, what influential Leadership is primarily interested in are solutions that suggest what we can DO. Let us put our energy into finding the ideas, and then translating them into things we can do, as individuals, as families, communities, teams, schools, businesses. You are invited to offer your ideas, suggestions and 'do-ables' to make South Africa a Better Place for all of us.
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      Admin_KarooWorldColin Donian

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