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    Admin_KarooWorldColin Donian

    The most frequent question that I receive from fellow South Africans (usually in the form of a statement) is the following:

    “What can I do, as an individual, to change the way my country is?”

    Many people feel they are powerless to do anything, and I emphasise the DO.

    Almost everyone acknowledges that we have systemic problems at all levels – economic, political and social – and that the current trend is downwards.┬áCitizens spend their energy complaining endlessly about the problems; over social media, in their homes, at dinner tables, around the braai, in the shabeens…

    Individuals feel powerless.

    This does not imply that people of all walks of life do not have ideas about how to remedy our decline.

    However, what influential Leadership is primarily interested in are solutions that suggest what we can DO.

    Let us put our energy into finding the ideas, and then translating them into things we can do, as individuals, as families, communities, teams, schools, businesses.

    You are invited to offer your ideas, suggestions and ‘do-ables’ to make South Africa a Better Place for all of us.

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