• Alpha is Karoo’s Influential Leadership Activation Programme.

  • Alpha is an online learning programme designed to equip you with influential leadership capability. We build a base of knowledge that starts off by unpacking and questioning the old ways, then defining a new better direction. From there we build a system of leadership founded on social agency and a leadership architecture. We complete the programme with practical approaches to leading and a mentoring phase.

  • Alpha uses one of the top online learning management systems (LearnDash) to deliver a self-managed course that includes a variety of learning materials, assessments and personal support.

  • Alpha is the best global influential leadership programme at the tip of your fingers. Are you ready to change your world for the better?

What is Alpha? What it does for you!

Alpha is designed for Generation_Alpha

Being Gen_Alpha is about your attitude, not your calendar age. Everyone is welcome to participate. Never too soon. Never too late.

Gen_Alpha are people who care about how their world is and demand to design thé future and their future, always for the better.

Gen_Alpha are people whose ambition goes beyond the cards life has dealt them, their education, job or title.

When you have reached your age of reason, Alpha is ready for you.

Alpha is

Delivered online – 24/365

Self-managed through discrete modules and assessments,
while being nurtured along the route

Duration is dependent on each student’s pace
(within maximum of 14 weeks)

Two weeks of formal mentoring after
completing the final assessment

Alpha benefits us all

Parents, Grandparents & Investors

Educators & Institutions

Teams & Businesses

Governments & Countries

Alpha is your best investment in your better life

For the price of a pair of sneakers you can invest in your better life, and in the lives of all those you will shape, forever.

Be strategic with your life. Live better today, and tomorrow. Know what you want.
Go get it.

For individuals R2,940.
There are group options.
Chat to me for a quote.